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Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

2015 Challenge: Brief


2015 is an important year. In September, world leaders will set global goals that will help people in the world’s poorest countries build a better life for themselves. In the next 15 years, the lives of people in poor countries can improve faster than at any other time in history—especially if people around the world come together to show their support for this progress.

Global Citizen is a new campaign and mobilizing platform designed to engage a massive public audience around the world on global health and development issues. It will provide new ways for people to understand and follow issues they care about—from gender equality to health to water and sanitation—and take action. Through content, campaigns, and events such as concerts and rallies, Global Citizen gives people a simple and easy way to use their voice to support global change. It builds on people’s desire for connection and their passion to do good, and shows them how their actions make a difference for people around the world.

Global Citizen is supported by major NGOs in the development space and a diverse group of corporate partners.


Global Citizen’s top priority this year is to recruit millions of new Global Citizens in a short time period, leading up to September 2015.

Your job is to develop a one-time Global Citizen brand activation that will attract massive public attention and will result in a surge of Global Citizen sign ups through email capture and Facebook.

Winning concepts will help reinforce Global Citizen’s belief that every person’s actions can make a difference, but that we are more powerful together than we are alone.


Global Citizen targets the engaged public: a person of any age who follows global issues, talks about them with others, and feels that it’s important to improve health, education, and economic opportunity for the world’s poorest people. This slice of the public wants to show they are active and concerned about global issues but need help learning how to take action and show that support.

As the name suggests, Global Citizen is built for everyone. People everywhere are invited to join the community and take action on the issues they care about. However, in 2015, Global Citizen’s priority is recruiting people living in countries that provide the highest amounts of foreign aid (US, UK and Germany, Canada, Australia and France). The engaged public makes up about one-third of the adult population in these countries.


Deliverables (to be stated within the maximum one-page entry form)

• Activation concept with a clear rationale for why it has the power to drive a massive number of Global Citizen sign-ups 
• A brief execution plan, including how you will secure assets required for the activation
• A simple budget and timeline


A maximum of three winners will be chosen from the total submissions.

Winners will be contracted by Ascential Events (Europe) Limited to execute their awarded brand activations between July and September 2015.

The maximum contract amount for the funding of each winning activation is US $150,000. 
The actual contract amount for the funding of each winning activation will be decided by Ascential Events (Europe) Limited.


• ENTRY DEADLINE = 27th May 2015
• The entry deadline is final – no extensions will be granted
• Judging will take place through June 2015
• Winners will be announced in July 2015
• Winning concepts are to be executed between July and September 2015


• Concepts must:
o include a clear call to action: Become a Global Citizen 
o be branded ‘Global Citizen’-- executions will support the overarching Global Citizen recruitment campaign theme: Global Citizen, Unlock Your Power 
o be executable by your own agency with your existing expertise, personnel, and relationships
o be fully executable within a US $150,000 budget, which will be provided as a contract from Ascential Events (Europe) Limited, to competition winners, in July 2015
• Concepts can’t:
o rely on the participation of a celebrity or personality that the competition participant cannot secure on its own
o include an ask for donations—this competition is design solely to recruit Global Citizens

Check out the submission form here.