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Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

2015 Challenge: Winners

This year, the brief for the Cannes Chimera Competition calls for the development of a one-time brand activation that will attract massive public attention to the growing Global Citizen platform, and result in a surge of sign ups to the campaign, through email capture and Facebook. Three teams were announced as winners of the challenge.


Sign Up Is Power

DDB Singapore - Singapore 

This project plans to build booths around towns in the UK, US, France, Germany, Canada and Australia that will allow people to sign up to support Global Citizen whilst absorbing their body heat. This heat will then be converted into electricity for communities in need to show that even small acts can make a real difference.

We Are Close

SapientNitro  London - UK

'We Are Close' is a Facebook quiz that shows users the probable migration path of their ancestors, demonstrating that we are all more connected than we think to people living in extreme poverty today.

Global Impact Predictor

OgilvyOne Worldwide - Vietnam

This idea for an app plans to visualises the influence a user can have through their social media networks and brings understanding of their potential global impact.