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Mark Bashore

Mark Bashore

Head of Creative
Digital Kitchen

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"I am thrilled to be a part of our communications frontier with a story so worthy of telling."

Grand Prix Won in 2011

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a $3.9 billion dollar resort, casino and hotel located on the center of the strip. When the Cosmopolitan Hotel planned to open its doors on New Year’s Eve 2010, they set out to create a more meaningful guest experience for a different class of traveller. Our assignment was to help The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas position itself as a luxury destination, adding an entirely new dimension to the Las Vegas experience.

Digital Kitchen approached the portals as digital canvases and the entire resort as a curated art gallery.

We invented a narrative showcase incorporating elegant, fantastical, and often poetic interpretations of life travels in an enlightened, lucid dream, blurring the lines of past present and future into one classic-timeless visual style. The narrative spoke directly to our target audience, the Creative Class, 59 million Americans who are open minded and enjoy adventure.

Each story within the narrative tied together evolved throughout the day and had the flexibility to be tailored for special events (New Years, Chinese New Year, etc).

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