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Mark Bernath

Mark Bernath

Executive Creative Director
Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

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"Quite often, the biggest weapon we have to fight the problems we all face is our own creativity. Sometimes the world doesn't make sense and it usually takes something beyond rational or expected thinking to figure it out. The Chimera represents a real chance to put that to the test."

Grand Prix Won in 2011

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Every four years, the keys to football heaven are dangled in front of the international elite. One goal, one pass, one game saving tackle can be the difference between fame and forgotten. What happens on the pitch in that split second has a ripple effect that goes beyond the match and the tournament.

‘Write the Future’ was a messaging platform that allowed Nike to show how football creates this ripple effect. It allowed us to give a glimpse into the future to see what the players were really playing for, in their own lives and the lives of those that follow them.

Our goal was to weave the brand into the conversations around this major tournament in a way that celebrated the participating teams and athletes and engaged football fans around the world.

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