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Jesse Coulter

Jesse Coulter

Co-Chief Creative Officer
CAA Marketing, Los Angeles

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"Some of the most talented people in the world work in our industry and Cannes Chimera gives us the amazing opportunity to join forces to apply our creativity to the biggest global challenges we face today."

Grand Prix Won in 2012

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Film and Branded Content & Entertainment Grands Prix - ‘Cultivate Campaign’

The American branded entertainment market is dynamic in that new models are tested every day, and staid in that the established model still prevails.

Branded entertainment activity falls into 3 major categories: product placement/integration, media deals, and content creation.

Product placement is common, transactional, and only restricted in product categories such as alcohol and entertainment categories such as kids' TV. Media deals include time buys for content distribution, meaning simply an extension of the paid advertising formula into longer form content. And content creation means brands paying for production, and then seeking (or paying for) distribution.

While not particularly restricted, the biggest challenge to branded entertainment in the US is breaking down the long-standing separation of advertising production and distribution, and entertainment production and distribution.

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