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Jaime Rosado

Jaime Rosado

Vice President, Regional Creative Director
JWT San Juan

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"Every great milestone of humanity is a consequence of creativity. You could have the possibility to affect history.”

Grand Prix Won in 2012

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Unemployment is a global crisis. But while the rest of the world struggles to find jobs, Puerto Rico struggles to find people who want to work.

With 60% of the population receiving government handouts, living off welfare has become a common way of life. It’s so customary that it’s celebrated in the greatest salsa hit of all time, a Puerto Rican classic titled “No Hago Más Ná,” which translates to “I Do Nothing.”

As the largest bank in Puerto Rico, Banco Popular’s success and corporate image depend on the island’s economy. So to help propel it in the right direction, it convinced El Gran Combo to rewrite history.

On August 16, in a simultaneous broadcast through all of the country’s TV and radio stations, the band delivered an inspirational address before unexpectedly releasing a rewritten and rerecorded version of their old hit song with new lyrics that conveyed a completely different message.

The song made it all the way to the top of the charts and became a symbol of the brand. In times when banks are particularly disliked, the campaign increased Banco Popular’s Image and Reputation Index to a record 80%.

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