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Adrian Botan

Adrian Botan

Creative Partner / Regional Creative Director
McCann Erickson Central and Eastern Europe

Why you should get involved?

“You don’t get a chance to be involved in a project that may change the world every day. No wonder I am extremely excited to be part of this ambitious endeavor and, on top of this, to be in such an outstanding company.”

Grand Prix Won in 2011

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Romania’s ROM chocolate bar is the traditional Romanian chocolate that we all grew up with. Launched in 1964 with the Romanian flag on its wrapper, it enjoys 95% brand awareness, yet its share and volume were plummeting with only 14.5% of people listing it as their favourite brand.

ROM had an ageing, nostalgic consumer base and was losing ground with the young generation.

Youngsters prefer ‘cool’ American confectionery brands to ROM.

Our solution was not to fight against, but to join them and thus challenge the young Romanians' national ego. We triggered a public debate about national values by launching a limited edition of an ‘American’ ROM – same product, same price, but branded with the US flag.

We put the product in stores, encouraged sampling, announced the change in media, and stirred the debates. After one week, we made the reveal: the old ROM was back as Romanian as ever, while the American ROM became a collector’s item.

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