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Mike Florence

Mike Florence

Executive Director; Head of Creativity
Manning Gottlieb OMD

Grand Prix Won in 2012

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Media Grand Prix - 'Google Voice Search’

Google asked us to plan the ATL launch of their new ‘voice search’ smart phone technology.

The core insight lay within a contradiction: Google is the most omnipresent and everyday brand but it is perceived as being a little cold and distant. We needed to show some wit and warmth in the brand, while getting people to do something different as a result of the advertising.

The advertising agency (BBH) were playing with the creative thought of using phonetics to bring the voice search product benefit to life. Our pivotal contribution was to build on this by making every piece of copy relevant to the context in which it was consumed.

Not only did this add a level of warmth to the communications by giving the phonetic puzzle a better pay off but it meant that the media context dictated the creative content for each poster site in the campaign.

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