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Philippe Degen

Philippe Degen

Associate Creative Director
Talent, São Paulo

Grand Prix Won in 2012

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Radio Grand Prix - ‘Repellent Radio’

Go Outside is the biggest outdoor magazine on the planet. It’s side by side with those who practice outdoor sports and adventure trips. But there’s something else present in these people’s lives too: mosquitoes. Until now, this was how we helped with this annoying problem. But we wanted to do more. How? By turning your radio into a mosquito repellent. This is how it works: Along with the regular radio station broadcast. It was transmitted for the very first time, an audio signal of 15khz. Undetectable by the human ear. Studies have shown that this frequency imitates the sound of a dragonfly, the mosquito’s natural predator, thus keeping them away.

The idea, sponsored by Go Outside, was broadcast for 3 weeks during the musical programming of Band FM radio station, from 6pm to 8pm, a time period with the greatest incidence of bites. More than 3 million radio sets received this signal. More than 3 million radios were turned into repellents. Go Outside Repellent Radio.
Turning a radio into a mosquito repellent: An idea that sounds like music to our readers ears.

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