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Javier Campopiano

Javier Campopiano

Chief Creative Officer

Grand Prix Won in 2013

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Cyber Grand Prix - 'Oreo Daily Twist'

Born in 1912, OREO was about to turn 100. And when you’re that old, you might be loved and revered, but you can also be seen as old-fashioned. Indeed, having spent the past century communicating mostly through TV ads that played to classic, intimate family moments, the brand had developed quite a traditional image. Our challenge: how to solve the paradox of using a centennial anniversary to actually rejuvenate OREO?

Instead of focusing on the past, we decided to focus on the present. “Daily Twist” was born: 100 ads developed over 100 days in real time, spread through the brand’s social networks, showing the trending news of the day through the playful eyes of an OREO cookie.

The campaign didn't reflect the news – it became the news. The Daily Twists have been seen 433 million times in total on Facebook and spontaneously celebrated by major broadcasters, social media outlets, late-night shows, and even economics magazines and fellow marketers.

Their impact on pop culture – and the brand’s rejuvenation – can best be understood by reading what others said about the campaign:

"Think of branding as breathing… Inhale, exhale, but this time the stuff of respiration is not air but culture. OREO turns out to be really respiratory" – Harvard Business Review

"Can OREOs become the next Google Doodles?" – The Atlantic Wire

"Although it’s a century old, OREO continuously taps the news stream to create ideas that help keep the brand current and participating in the conversation" – Forbes