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Robert Lund

Robert Lund

Creative Director
The Barbarian Group New York

Grand Prix Won in 2013

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Innovation Grand Prix - "Cinder"

"Cinder is an open source software tool for professional creative coding. It's primarily a C++ library used by design and technology companies all over the world for developing physical installations, mobile apps, music visualizers, screensavers and completely new categories of projects. Cinder was written originally as an in-house tool for implementing the iTunes visualizer for Apple and later the augmented reality issue of Esquire magazine. When Cinder was started, it was difficult to find a development platform suitable for projects like these. Several hacker / hobbyist frameworks already existed, but they weren't designed for professional C++ development. Additionally, while high-end game engines are quite powerful, by necessity they are too high-level to be appropriate for the more customized, smaller scale development that client-driven creative coding requires. The engineering team originally reflected the efforts of 3 developers at its agency of origin. However Cinder is currently entirely an open source effort, and at the time of this writing the source code on Github reflects well over 30 formal code contributors, with countless others having located and fixed bugs, contributed documentation and written tutorials.While Cinder is still under constant development, it is available publicly and is very actively used."

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