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Neil Heymann

Neil Heymann

Creative Director

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"I'm honoured to be selected for this inaugural Cannes Chimera, and I'm excited to work with some of our industry's great creative minds to solve big problems."

Grand Prix Won in 2011

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Integrated and Outdoor Grands Prix: DECODE JAY-Z WITH BING

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing wanted to connect with a younger audience and needed to make their Search and Maps technology more culturally relevant.
The primary objective was to increase "Intent to Use" Bing products and improve perceptions of Bing as a culturally relevant brand to a coveted younger audience. Bing’s core users were middle aged women in the Midwest and the brand wanted to make real inroads with the coastal youth population.

We used the launch of Jay-Z’s autobiography “Decoded” as a relevant moment in youth culture and an opportunity to create a deeper experience with it through Bing technology. The target does not differentiate online from offline, so we built the program across existing media formats and channels but in a new way that wove them together and added interactive to everything. The unique partnership brought Bing to the forefront of pop-culture and gave millions of Jay-Z fans a reason to use Bing Search and Maps.

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