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Ant Keogh

Ant Keogh

Executive Creative Director
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

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"Though my job is ostensibly as a mentor on the project, what really excites me is to learn, both about the intricacies of global aid and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation itself."

Grand Prix Won in 2011

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Australians have always believed their 4 biggest banks, Commonwealth, Westpac, ANZ and National Australia Bank (NAB) work together fixing fees and eliminating competition. The reality however is the opposite. NAB had in fact spent two years making dramatic changes abolishing fees and lowering interest rates, all to be considered fairer and more competitive by customers. But due to this perception of being 'together', people had almost refused to notice. Instead of fighting this perception of the banks being 'together', we instead decided to embrace it by letting the public witness NAB break up with the other banks.

Every moment of the break up had to help people believe NAB had really changed. Thus, it couldn’t work through conventional advertising, but instead had to come to life in a channel people already readily believed: the news. In a single day the public’s perception of NAB was transformed. By dominating the Australian news, NAB’s changes were given an immediate credibility advertising alone simply could not deliver. People now see the bank as not only different, more fair and competitive, but also much more relatable and human. The break up generated $5 million of earned PR media in a single day.

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