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Aaron Koblin

Aaron Koblin

Creative Director
Google Creative Lab

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"This is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive change in the world. I'm thrilled to help transform great thinking into meaningful communication. If we can make the way aid works more transparent and easy to understand I believe it will become exponentially more effective."

Grand Prix Won in 2011

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Google released a new Chrome Experiment in partnership with the band Arcade Fire titled “The Wilderness Downtown” which acted as both an interactive music video for the band and a chance to demonstrate the emerging power of the HTML5 programming technology.

By drawing on data from Google Maps and Google Streetview, The Wilderness Downtown integrated visuals of the viewer’s childhood home into the narrative, creating a unique, emotional experience. Spread across multiple browser windows that opened and closed as the experienced progressed, The Wilderness Downtown redrew our understanding of how the web (and the music video) can makes us feel.

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